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Owner Brags - 2015

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'Izzy' - Loved by Dan, Martine, and Noémie of Moncton, New Brunswick.  Photo courtesy of Daniel Cormier  

Dad and Daughter Travel 3200 kms - Return With New Best Friend

 'Izzy' - Photo courtesy of Daniel Cormier

Well, let's try to make this short. I was looking for a dog and faith brought me to Karen and Jim from Cedarpaws. We travelled 3200 kms in a truck  - just me and my daughter - round trip, right before Christmas in bad weather, to get Izzy. It took us two days to get there and felt like more. But our two days to get back home was the shortest trip ever.  Let me explain:  I told my daughter that we probably won't sleep very well on our way back home because Izzy will not sleep very well and will be noisy at times.   Was I ever wrong! On our way back the trip went so well that my daughter said she knows why her name is Izzy - because she is really EASY to take care of! Lol. Not one sound from her and she would sleep the entire night. That tells you a lot from her days with Karen and Jim at Cedarpaws. Two things happened on this trip:  My daughter and I got to know each other even more and we added a new member to our family. She is truly the best FRIEND IN THE WORLD.

The Many Faces of Toby - A 10-Year Journey of Love

Photo gallery of Toby - Courtesy of the Gibbons Family, Oakville, Ontario

It seems hard to believe that it has been 10 years since we brought our first Aussie pup, Toby, home from CedarPaws. He grew into a handsome dog with beautiful, multicoloured eyes that still draw attention almost every day on our walks (where he takes every opportunity to bask in the attention and get a few extra pats!). Toby is a very sociable fellow who loves everyone.

He is always ready for a game of Frisbee, a day at the office or a special trip to the DQ drive thru with his best friend, Border Collie, Max.

He won't let you forget that 5pm is dinner time. He has his family well trained! We have never had a dog so easy to train, eager to please and, most of all, so intelligent.

~ The Gibbons Family, Oakville, Ontario

"My Australian Shepherd isn't spoiled. . . I'm just a well-trained owner"

'Fynney Green' - Photo courtesy of Patrice Tardif

Love At Long Last

My love affair with the Australian Shepherd started in 1994 when I saw my first red merle while walking through a park in Ottawa. It was love at first sight. I imagine that her owner was used to being “interrogated” by admirers of his lovely girl but I must have kept him there for a full half-hour, poor guy. I knew then and there that I’d found my next dog, only I had a very healthy and amazing terrier schnauzer that completed our family and I’d have to wait.

I’ve had many dogs in my life, a beagle, a few shelties, an English sheep dog, an Afghan, a Great Dane, and several more of the Heinz 57 variety, but I knew in my heart of hearts that the Aussie was what I had been looking for. It was 7 years, and much studying up on the breed, before I brought my first Aussie into the family, one 

month after the death of our little Bethany. Our new girl was a 4 year-old red merle rescue, Mystic Borealis. We had 10 and a half remarkable years together, during which time I learned just how remarkable these dogs actually were. When we lost Mystic I was devastated and couldn’t bring myself to “replace” her, the loss ran so deep. It took 1 and ½ years before I was ready. That’s when I found Karen Cunningham and CedarPaws … lucky me!!!!

So, who is my latest love? You guessed it, another red merle female – I’m nothing if not consistent! I am having the time of my life with Miss CedarPaws Fundy Girl – my Fynney Green. Thanks to L’Académie Chien in Ste-Thérèse, Québec, and its owner Melanie Boucher (who is the proud mom of another CedarPaws pup, Mr. CedarPaws Crimson Tide – Denzel, Fynney’s littermate), Fynney and I are active in obedience, free style and rally-O. We’ve done some agility too, plus Fynney Green gets to spend some time with her brother – it’s the best of all worlds.

That brings me to CedarPaws and Jim and Karen Cunningham. Saying I was lucky to find Karen is an understatement. Her dedication to her dogs and her assiduous breeding program are nothing short of extraordinary. The support she gave me during Fynne’s puppyhood speaks not only to her exemplary dedication and her amazing knowledge but to her dogged integrity as well – no pun intended. Not only did I find my breed back in 1994, but I found my breeder in 2014, and a great friend to boot! Thank you, Karen. Love you loads.

Gorgeous Aussie Stops Traffic - Owners Have Guilt

When our 'Merle' (yes, that was her name) passed away at 12 1/2 years old, we lost a best buddy. Devastated, I went on the search for another Aussie and met up with Karen and CedarPaws.  We went on a three-hour drive - there and back - with our new Aussie CedarPaws She's A Gem 'Maia'.  Karen gave her that registered name without knowing that John met me when he started working for the same company and that we made instruments called gems! :)

Well, Maia's been with us for just over 5 years now.  She's great at Frisbee, ball, loves a good hike and of course camping.  I also take her to

play with 'Riot' - who is another Aussie down the street from me - a couple of times a week before work. Wherever we go with her - even if just a walk into town - she's a hit. People stop to admire her, to pat her, and to tell me how beautiful she is. NO KIDDING!!  If I had a dime for each time I heard this, I'd be rich!!  We've even had people stop their car to tell me how pretty she is.  It actually gets embarrassing at times, because if we're talking to someone else with a dog, and someone stops to comment about how pretty Maia is, I feel really guilty for the other dog and it's owner.
Thank You Karen!

"The more I know about people, the more I love my dog"  ~Mark Twain

'Maia' - Photos courtesy of Lisa Susin, Ridgeway, Ontario

'Tucker' - Photo courtesy of Vanessa Smart, Richmond, ON

Such a Good Boy!  Week One a Success

So, it's been a whole week, and we're officially in love with our pup!
He is so smart... and such a good boy!  He's so good in his crate during the day - he's figured out the routine, and waits for his Kong as soon as we get ready to head out the door!  He and the cat are sorting things out... they have their lovey moments, but then he usually takes it a little too far, and gets a swat across the nose.  He's almost mastered the stairs, and his favourite toy is a plastic ice cream bucket (yes... we have real toys...) He has learned to sit and wait while we put his food in the bowl.  He goes to bed without a peep at night, and is an early bird for sure! We're trying to teach him that Grace is also one of the bosses - I think because she's the smallest, and not as confident with discipline, he's pushing his dominance with her.  We're working hard at making sure he understands that she is also to be obeyed!  He is such an easygoing little fella - growing like a weed!

    Samson & Jackson - New Best Friends - Brought Together by CedarPaws

'Samson' - Photos courtesy of Katie Bettridge, London, Ontario

Inseparable Duo - A Perfect Match

'Echo' and Kim - Photo courtesy of K. Holden, Carp, ON

My little buddy keeps me busy.  Her newest adventures include mastering the Frisbee catch while leaping through the air, jumping and retrieving over hurdles, and an introduction to running beside me on bicycle (she needs a bit more leash work before that becomes road safe lol!)
We go everywhere together and life wouldn't be the same without her.

A Tail of 3 Siblings - Pup Finds Her Spot

'Sparks' - Photo courtesy of Heather Ardies, Roseneath, ON

Sparks (from Sizzles' 2015 litter) arrived a week ago and has already learned that Brother Lab is for cuddling, Sister Whippet is for playing and Sister Sheltie is for admiring from afar!

Catch Me If You Can!

'Sparks' - Photo courtesy of H. Ardies, Roseneath, ON

Little Sparks had her first photo shoot today!

"A lady came to take my portrait and it only took an hour of running around to get me to stay still for thirty seconds!"

What a cutie she is!  Miss Sparks is from the Jasper & Sizzle 2015 litter and is almost 4 months old in this shot.  Those ears tell us that she's right in the middle of teething!

Erik and Ayra - Best Friends Since Birth

'Ayra' - Photos courtesy of Matthew and Carolyn

Arya is now a bit over two years old, being born April 11, 2013.  She is a wonderful little dog. We're doing agility with her, and she loves and is very good at catching her Frisbee in dramatic fashion.
We had our first child at the end of December, and she is just wonderful with him as well. She desperately wants to lick him all over, but manages to restrain herself most of the time.
We just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much for what is just about the perfect dog.  Arya really is the perfect little family dog. We've put in the time and the effort to train and exercise her, and she has been an enormously rewarding member of our family.

The Adventures of Tango

'Tango' - Photo courtesy of Larry, West Montrose, ON

"Tango is the most amazing calm puppy and she learns very quickly, we are delighted with her."

A Day With Sheldon

'Sheldon' - Video courtesy of Sue, NB

Sheldon is one busy pup!  You just can't help but smile when watching this adorable video made by his new mom in New Brunswick.  What a lucky little guy!  I'm sure we'll have lots of updates about all of Sheldon's accomplishments in the ring.

CedarPaws' 'Champ' Hits the Big Screen

          'Keena', 'Champ', 'Blaze' & Sam - Photo courtesy of Tracy, Kelowna, BC

Tracy & Steve own three CedarPaws pups:  'Keena', 'Blaze', and 'Champ', ages 9, 7, and 11.  All happy and healthy, living the great life out in Kelowna, British Columbia.  When Champ was a puppy, he was featured in a Fido commercial and now is an advocate for holistic veterinary care.  Champ is also a certified therapy dog who visits seniors in nursing homes and gets them reminiscing about their younger days.  That's a pretty incredible career Mr. Champ!

                        Incredibly Versatile Aussie!

'Taz' - Photo courtesy of Jane

"I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since I brought this bundle of joy home.  She is an amazing dog and all who have met her think not only that she is beautiful, but how smart and lovely she is.  I have been doing agility with her and have also had her out doing a day of herding sheep, doing dock dogs and we are now doing Rally-O.  It seems that no matter what we try she is a willing and happy dog.  I still hope to stop in to visit you one day with her.  I would love to have you see her.  Thanks again for a great dog."