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Australian Shepherds

Owner Brags - 2016

Are you a proud CedarPaws Aussie owner?  This page is for you!  

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'Charlie' - Photo courtesy of Bruce and Linda

Dog Playing. . . Pool?

"Charlie's training is going well.  I can still beat him at a game of pool though!!"

Professional Stunt Dog - Don't Try This At Home!

This girl sure does love the snow!  We hope you enjoy these videos as Mattie clearly enjoys her encounter with the snowblower.

'Mattie' - Photo courtesy of Terry


One Year Anniversary - A Trio of Littermates!  The CiCi x Josh Litter Have Grown!

'Maui' - Photo courtesy of Brennan

We brought Maui home a year ago today! Best decision ever.

'Samson' - Photo courtesy of Katie

Samson looking pretty pleased with himself after his bath. One handsome boy!

'Wizard' - Photo courtesy of Shana

Adding Wizard to our family was the best decision ever!  Thank you Karen, for such an amazing boy!

Bragging About Bowie

Photos courtesy of Kristine, Sean, Ashton & Quinn

This is our beautiful fur baby 'Bowie'.  We picked up Bowie in August of 2014 (formerly Austin) and he quickly became a part of our family.  Bowie and my son Ashton are the  best of friends and do everything together, including their valentine photo shoot.  Bowie is happiest playing outside with Ashton and his friends chasing his balls, playing Frisbee or most likely chasing the boys around  the neighbourhood.  The other Australian Shepherd is Sophie, also from CedarPaws and belongs to my aunt.  These two are crazy when together!!!  We  just welcomed a new baby girl to our  family and Bowie loves sitting and watching over her. 
Thank you to Karen & Jim for giving us that frisky, fun puppy who has turned into the most beautiful, fun loving and loyal dog.