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Owner Brags - 2017

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Remembering Tee-Loup

Dear Mrs. Karen Cunningham - My husband Shem and I (Melissa) bought a black tri pup from you in 2004. Her given name was Sequoia, but we named her Petite-Loup and called her 'Tee-Loup'. She was born June 11, 2004 and passed away this summer in our bed, in our arms, after two short days of liver failure. She was chosen by you for us based upon personality and boy did you ever hit that nail on the head!!! We wanted a blue merle, and before we were told your pick for us, as we looked through each puppy's picture, I saw Tee-Loup's face and got an uncanny premonition that she would be our dog. She was the one you chose. It was meant to be.

I just want to thank you for the gift of a lifetime.

That dog was SPECIAL. She went almost everywhere with us those 13 years. We have countless wonderful memories. She lightened the heavy load when times were tough in the most miraculous of ways, and we shared the greatest joys of our life - our love and bringing two girls into the world - all with her by our sides. We travelled, hiked, camped and adventured through life, two masters degrees and a PhD with her - our shadow. She attended PhD conferences with her own badge! Everyone who met her knew she was special. To say that we miss her is grossly inadequate - she was an integral part of our family and our family is not right without her. But the point of this is to say: THANK YOU. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing your talent with the world - from you we gained 60 pounds of magical love.

With sincere thanks - Shem and Melissa

'Sequoia' - Photos courtesy of Melissa